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The Team

GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ represents The Team of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The Team has experience in the investment field gained through decades of holding top positions, including chief executive functions in brokerage and insurance companies, supervisory positions in finance-related companies in trading and asset management departments, as well as experience in online trading, investment advisory mandate, relationship management, compliance, risk management, ICO projects and more.


The Team has a broad international network with expertise in professional conduct and approaches with detailed-oriented focus in order to demonstrate GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ expertize and knowledge. Nevertheless, it’s the honest, profoundly knowledgeable approach and transparent fundamentals of The Team that gave GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ project a boost.


The Team will continue to develop and make the best to demonstrate The World with premium solutions for crypto asset exposures.


The Bitcoin Roundabout Monument, City Kranj, Slovenia, EU (Photo: Marko Pavlovic)




Matjaz Rakovec, Co-Founder of GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ (LinkedIn)

Matjaz is an accomplished independant professional with over twenty years of experience in insurance, finance and investments. He has held several leadership positions at the largest regional insurance group and was CEO and president of the group's management board from 2009 to 2013. He has held positions in several finance, insurance and pharmaceutical-related supervisory boards and was CEO of a brokerage and asset management company. His ability to manage and lead financial institutions has been recognized by several distinguished associations, among others he received the Financial Manager of the Year Award in 2012 and 2013. In his managerial, supervisory and advisory roles he gained a vast international network and become a proponent of using latest technologies. The Team is proud that Matjaz joined GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ project in 2017.


Matjaz is also:

All these functions have a vision for further development of GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ, that aimes to apply ESG sustainability on SPORT, EDUCATION, CULTURE and ENVIRONMENT.



Marko Pavlovic, Management Board Member, Crypto Strategist, 

Co-Founder of GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ (LinkedIn)

Marko gained experience in financial markets in the last 15 years working in brokerage, asset management company and private banking as client relations, licenced stock broker in financial markets and investment advisor. His scope of work is related to equities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, structured products (derivatives) engineering, tax services, corporate actions, M&As, IPOs, online trading, controling, reporting to State regulators ... All of that supported with compliance and risk management with emphasys on MiFID II, new MiCA, MiFIR, AML/CFT etc. Throughout career he is focused on opportunites in changing environment in international finance, economic crisis, regulatory frameworks, international institutions, geopolitics and modern history. When blockchain technology started to grow, he recognized solutions for finance in The World within new technologies. Marko is the idea leader and operational builder of GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ from the beginning in 2016.


Marko is also:



Ursa Mancek-Rakovec, Marketing Advisor (LinkedIn)

Ursa has 20 years of experience in marketing, reputation management, social media, investor relations and CSR working within several industries, from mobile telecommunications, retail, manufacturing to finance sector. After working in corporate environment for 15 years, she moved to entrepreneurship and established a consulting company 5 years ago. Since than she has been working for several clients from different industries, who benefit from her vast experience in marketing, stakeholder management, public relations and internal communication, market research, brand and event management, corporate social responsibility and investor relations. GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ is proud that she is part of The Team.


Ursa is also:


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