GoldHorn’s low volatility passive crypto strategy based on selection allocation.


GoldHorn's low volatility passive crypto strategy based on selection allocation.

75% of its structure consists of stable coins and the crypto gold token providing a strong buffer against the risks of volatility.

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GoldHorn Stable is a long-term “buy and hold” (also known as HODLing) strategy in which you buy an asset and hold it for a set period of time while the market is volatile.

When an economy is experiencing high inflation levels, the gold-backed cryptocurrency can be a wise investment choice. This is because the value of gold moves with inflation differently compared to fiat currencies.

Strategy structure

The suggested investment period: 1-2 years.

Volatility Parameter

Volatility 30%

The volatility parameter shows how volatile this strategy is relative to the USD. The higher the percentage, the higher its volatility and the riskier the investment.

Rebalancing approach

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Goldhorn Strategy

GoldHorn Crypto conducts bi-monthly strategy rebalancing and quarterly structure readjustments of the weightings (allocations) of individual tokens based on market capitalization. 

For rebalancing we conduct fundamental analysis to optimize a portfolio by selling assets that have moved up and redistributing funds into assets that haven’t moved yet.

For example, if a certain coin jumps in value, we take profits and rebuy coins that have lower performance in the selected period within the strategy. That reflects in a more efficient price averaging method with higher return when the market goes up.

The ICONOMI trading engine, which is linked to 14 of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, is used to accomplish the rebalancing. It ensures minimal transaction costs, limits your risk exposure, and offers diversification.


GoldHorn is here to guide and mentor newcomers on the market and to educate by providing transparent insights on the topic. 

For assistance in getting started, feel free to contact us for more information.

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