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Strategic Partnership: ICONOMI LTD

GoldHorn Crypto® implemented compliace framework (KYC/AML, GDPR ...), security, technology, trading, settlement and custody solutions and risk management with strategic partner – ICONOMI.




This partnership is a result of excellent cooperation, trust and professional conduct, reflecting best practices and knowledge between investment sphere approach and crypto IT development. GoldHorn Crypto® uses ICONOMI infrastructure to share crypto knowledge for 8 crypto strategies. Strategies can be copied based on copy trading approach.





10 Orange Street

London, WC2H 7DQ

United Kingdom

Registration number: 11087795

GoldHorn Crypto® shares crypto knowledge via Crypto Strategies and leads Crypto Strategies by changing crypto assets and their weightening at any time. All of that is conducted and on ICONOMI platform. ICONOMI is one of the biggest Crypto copy trading platforms in The World. ICONOMI is Registered with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) under Reference number 927859 for the following activities:

  • The Exchange of fiat currency for cryptoassets & cryptoassets on behalf of customers.
  • The Exchange of cryptoassets.

Copiers that copy strategies, operated by GoldHorn Crypto®, accept and agrees to each time valid Terms & Conditions of ICONOMI LTD, 10 Orange Street, WC2H 7DQ London, UK, published on website:



Legal Services: Grlica Law: Lawyers You Trust

GoldHorn Crypto® uses best legal services that support vision and future of crypto development. That's why GoldHorn Crypto® choose Grlica Law: Lawers You Trust. Their vision is to offer a new type of a law firm: location-independent online legal service, yet with an individual and boutique approach to every client. The team of GrlicaLaw specialists is ready to tackle your hardest and most sensitive legal challenges. Grlica Law: Lawers You Trust provides GoldHorn Crypto® services in areas such as: intellectual property rights (EUIPO), corporate setup and consulting, terms & conditions, commercial legal support etc.



Membership: Blockchain Alliance Europe (BAE)

GoldHorn Crypto® is member of Blockchain Alliance Europe (BAE) and supports it as a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

See benefits of membership here: BAE_Benefits.

See "OnePager" here: BAE_OnePager.




Membership: Bitcoin Association Slovenia

GoldHorn Crypto® supports activities, networking, education and awareness provided through Bitcoin Association Slovenia / Bitcoin Drustvo Slovenije. Our commitment is to share knowledge, education and networking for wider adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.



Educational Content: CoinMonks

GoldHorn Crypto® regularly posts knowledge based articles and content on Medium platform and shares its content to our partner CoinMonks: a large non-profit Crypto Educational Publication on Medium with over 43.000 followers.


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