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Premium "Tailor Made" Crypto Strategy Exposure Solutions



GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ offers B2B partnership with creation of Premium "Tailor Made" Crypto Strategy Exposure Solutions, meaning that we together adapt and create structure(s) that fulfill your user's needs when exposing assets in crypto.


Our business partners can use characteristics to create structures:

  • Entry fee (1,00 %, 2,00 %, 3,00 % ... ): B2B gets kick-back fee paid next month for previous month (instant liqidity!),
  • Structure SetUp & Structure Weight, e. g.:
    • 10,00 % BTC,
    • 10,00 % ETH,
    • 5,00 % LTC,
    • ... (no limits)
  • Rebalancing Freqeuncy Timing & SetUp,
  • Structure Readjustment Timing & SetUp,
  • Branding & Logos readjusted in local market or business type needs,
  • Volatility & risk readjustment of each strategy with stablecoin weightening (USDT, USDC, TUSD),
  • Latest trend in industry: Automatic ESG mechanism applied to ALL strategies (no additional costs!),
  • Social media frequent presence,
  • Trust & professional conduct of dedicated Team.

Fully functioning live-on-market Crypto Strategy SetUp in less than a week.


And much more.


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