Interview: Matjaz Rakovec, Mayor of city of Kranj & co-founder of GoldHorn Crypto®


Personal vast network allowed me to follow latest trends in industry in which I worked several years. Therefore when the time was right, I deepend cooperation with The Team in 2016 when crypto had its boom. GoldHorn Crypto® represents The Team of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The Team has experience in the investment field gained through decades of holding top positions, including chief executive functions in brokerage and insurance companies, supervisory positions in finance-related companies in trading and asset management departments, as well as experience in online trading, investment advisory mandate, relationship management, compliance, risk management, ICO projects and more. The Team has a broad international network with expertise in professional conduct and approaches with detailed-oriented focus in order to fulfill GoldHorn Crypto® users' needs. Nevertheless, it’s the honest, profoundly knowledgeable approach and transparent fundamentals of The Team, that gave GoldHorn Crypto® project a boost.


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Interview: Matjaz Rakovec, Co-Founder of GoldHorn Crypto®


Matjaz Rakovec, Co-Founder of GoldHorn Crypto®