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GoldHorn Crypto® Journey



The Team seeks new opportunities to embrace new technologies, new solutions and inovations. ICONOMI publishes ICO. The Team supports ICONOMI with clear vision of developing crypto strategies infrastructure in new emerging crypto space with vast knowledge and usage.



The Team follows and actively supports develompment and vision of ICONOMI, with emphasis on regulatory framework, compliance and user experience.



The Team introduces one of the first crypto strategies on ICONOMI platform: Global Blockchain Arrays (GBA15) and immediately attracts more than 200 users around The World.

The Team supports and visits ICONOMI at Malta Blockchain Summit.



The Team thoroughly conducts market research and development of new crypto strategy solutions.



The Team introduces rebranding, new strategies and firm commitment for further business development:

  1. Q2 2020: GoldHorn Crypto® is born.
  2. Q2 2020: Rebranding of Global Blockchain Array (GBA15) to GoldHorn Crypto® Venture (GBA15).
  3. Q2 2020: Introduction of 4 new passive strategies on 3rd Bitcoin halving event:
    • GoldHorn Crypto® Top25 Dynamic,
    • GoldHorn Crypto® Top25 Moderate,
    • GoldHorn Crypto® Top25 Balanced and
    • GoldHorn Crypto® Top25 Conservative.
  4. Q2 2020: ESG policy is applied to GoldHorn Crypto® governance.


  1. Q3 2020: Partnership with "Grlica Law - Lawyers you Trust", Crypto (FinTech) & Intellectual proprety specialists
  2. Q3 2020: "GoldHorn Crypto® World's first ESG crypto strategies" becomes registered as figurative trade mark at European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
  3. Q3 2020: Introduction of 6th crypto strategy: GoldHorn Crypto® DeFi.
  4. Q3 2020: Website and social media launch.


  1. Q4 2020: Corporate SetUp: GoldHorn Crypto OÜ, Estonia, EU
  2. Q4 2020: B2B Development: Value proposition:
    • Premium Tailor Made Crypto Strategy Exposure Solutions
  3. Q4 2020: Introduction of new passive strategy at the end of 2020 (21st of December 2020):
    • GoldHorn Crypto® World




The Team continues to actively follow latest trends, regulations, new strategies and firm commitment for further business development:

  1. Q1 2021: Introduction of new passive strategy 17th March 2021:
    • GoldHorn Crypto® NFT Protocols
  2. Q2 2021:
    • Preparation for Marketing Strategy
    • Regulation & Market Research
    • A major milestone has been reached. 1.000 users copies GoldHorn Crypto® Strategies.
  3. Q3 2021:
    • Preparation for Marketing Strategy
    • Regulation & Market Research
  4. Q4 2021:





  1. Q1 2022:


2023, 2024 ... future steps

  • Development of affiliate and marketing channels
  • ESG strategy SetUp
  • Strategic parthership development
  • Compliance and regulatory strength development (MiCA)
  • Robust and resiliant risk management framework
  • Preparing for regulation and possible US market access.



The GoldHorn statue, Lake Jasna, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, EU (Photo: Marko Pavlovic)



GoldHorn Crypto® is registered figurative trade mark at European Intelectual Property Office (EUIPO) No.: 018257604. Owner of figurative trade mark is GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ, Narva Mnt 7-634, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Harju Maakond, 10117 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, EU, Reg. No.: 16108260. GoldHorn Crypto® publicly shares crypto knowledge via Crypto Strategy and leads Crypto Strategy by changing crypto assets and their weightening at any time. Copiers can copy different Crypto Strategies on ICONOMI platform. This is not financial advise. No guarantees on gains and exposed capital. Exposing financial instruments to Crypto Assets and Strategies is highly risky & volatile.

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