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Bitcoin inception date is 3rd of January 2009. It was a begining of new opportinuties that offer decentralized and purely peer-to-peer version of electronic money. This milestone started new vision of reshaping all sectors in our economy. The creation of Bitcoin was also seen as an answer to 2008 financial crisis, in which central banking fractional reserve system played, as before, an important role in markets and economy stabilization. In 2020 The World is facing similar activities by central banks in terms of expanding balance sheets, interventionism and providing liquidity to financial markets as well as real economy.


The Bitcoin Roundabout Monument, City Kranj, Slovenia, EU (Photo: Marko Pavlovic)


Times that we all live in now and events, offer us an uniqe opportunity, created by Bitcoin and alternative crypto assets based on blockchain technology. The Team firmly belives, that Bitcoin and many other crypto assets are here to stay. Decentralized economy will grow. First and foremost, The Team belives that blockchain solutions will be more widely recognized as a part of alternative store and transfer of (intrinsic) value, payment etc. The Team belives that its presence will became a part of mainstream investment opportunities.


In the past The World witnessed amazing volatility and widespread opportunitiy that crypto market offers. Crypto made its debut, being reported in all major financial and mainstream media, from Asia, Europe to USA, developed and emerging economies. Governments and regulators recognized Bitcoin and other crypto solutions and made them fully compliant with legal framworks. And this trend continues as we speak. The technology and digital paths to access crypto markets enabled its fast development and majority of citizens of The World can access it thorugh their smart devices, fully KYC/AML compliant.


Furtheremore, in September 2020 European Commison leaked a draft of Regulation that will put a legal framework for crypto assets. The Regulation will (probably) not be adopted before 2022. The "Market in Crypto-Assets (MiCA)" is to be adopted as Regulation and thus affective equally in all Member States of EU, which is in line with efforts of European Commisson on Digital Finance package, creating Capital Market Union (CMU) and Single Market vision.


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GoldHorn Crypto Inspiration

The GoldHorn statue, Lake Jasna, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, EU (Photo: Marko Pavlovic)


The Team sees vision and recognize timing as part of "Great World Reset" (WEF, Davos, Switzerland, 2019) and upcoming 4th Industrial revolution in areas such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A. I.),
  • Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT),
  • ESG, Sustainability,
  • Blockchain Technology & Crypto and
  • Reshaping Finance & Society.


To this day, as a result of historic Bretton Wood Agreement, United States Dollar (USD) remains World's dominant Reserve Currency.


GoldHorn Crypto® is registered figurative trade mark at European Intelectual Property Office (EUIPO) No.: 018257604. Owner of figurative trade mark is GoldHorn Crypto® OÜ, Narva Mnt 7-634, Kesklinna Iinnaosa, Harju Maakond, 10117 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, EU, Reg. No.: 16108260. GoldHorn Crypto® publicly displays management of cryptographic software solutions on ICONOMI platform. Users of ICONOMI platform can copy structures with different strategies. This is not financial advise. No guarantees on gains and exposed capital. Exposing financial instruments to cryprographic software solutions is highy risky & volatile. Users who copy products, managed by GoldHorn Crypto®, accepts and agrees to each time valid Terms & Conditions of

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