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Bitcoin inception date was 3rd of January 2009. It was a begining of new opportinuties that offer decentralized and purely peer-to-peer version of electronic money. This milestone started new vision of reshaping all sectors in our economy. The creation of Bitcoin was also seen as an answer to 2008 financial crisis, in which central banking fractional reserve system played, as before, an important role in markets and economy stabilization. Today we are facing similar activities of central banks in terms of expanding balance sheets, interventionism and providing liquidity to financial markets as well as real economy.

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Account opening

  • All Crypto Stretegies run on ICONOMI platform
  • Free account opening (only 5 minutes process)
  • Deposit: Euro (€; SEPA/IBAN), Skrill, Clear Junction, Crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC)
  • Minimum only €10,00 per strategy
  • High and fast deposit and withdraw LIMITS
  • Crypto strategies access 24/7
  • Easy & fast identification (KYC) via app (iOS, Android)
  • Multiple crypto strategies
  • Crypto security powered by ICONOMI
  • Fully KYC/AML compliant
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Why GoldHorn Crypto®

Future of Crypto

GoldHorn Crypto® has a vision to spread decentralized solutions into portfolios of as many citizens of The World as possible. To make it truly decentralized.

Crypto Strategies

Users have their investments in real estates, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold etc ... now users can add exposure to crypto assets.

Long term crypto strategies

Passive strategies. Variety of volatility and risk.

ESG Governance & Sustainability

Vision for sustainabilty and responsible investing in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG mechanisms.

Expert team

The Team has a broad international network with expertise in professional conduct and approaches with detailed-oriented focus in order to fulfill GoldHorn Crypto® users' needs. The honest, profoundly knowledgeable approach and transparent fundamentals of The Team, gives GoldHorn Crypto® added value.

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