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Empower people to achieve financial stability by providing comprehensive knowledge on crypto investment and easy to follow strategies.

How to copy GoldHorn strategies?

Following GoldHorn strategies is easy. It only takes a few steps to get started. 

1. Create an account on Iconomi

Go to the ICONOMI platform home page and click on the 'Get Started/Register' button. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Select a GoldHorn strategy to follow

Start with the core strategy and diversify your portfolio with strategies from the sector and risk groups

3. Track gains in your account

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Why invest in crypto?

The world of crypto has the power to change how we think about money and investing. Cryptocurrency has quickly become one of the most popular investment options of recent years and while there is tremendous potential for growth. Crypto is already disrupting the world in the same way that the Internet did in the 1990s. Here are 4 main benefits investing in crypto

Independence & control of your money

Government can't dilute crypto like fiat money, nor tax or confiscate tokens without your cooperation.

Confidence through transparency

Transactions are encrypted on a publicly ledger & cannot be changed, so there are fewer likely investment risks .

Potential for profits & security

Gain exposure to volatile yet potentially lucrative assets while protecting the rest of your money.

Diversification with a passive income

Expand your channels of income with little to no effort in a separate sphere from the traditional financial marketplace.

Why GoldHorn?

It’s easy to get started

Utilize our experience & knowledge to enter the field quickly & confidently.

We put you in control

With multiple strategies, you have the power to choose what’s best for you.

Achieve financial independence

Our goal is to create long term & stable growth for you!

We empower you with education

Our platform offers extensive, concise knowledge so you understand

The gold standard of prudent financial guidance

Nurturing success, defending assets

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GoldHorn delivers exceptional and trustworthy wealth management solutions, leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise. Over 1,350 investors have placed their trust in our discerning strategies, entrusting us with over two-thirds of a million dollars in assets.

Join our distinguished clientele and let GoldHorn’s dedicated team pave the way for your financial growth and security.

Warning, proceed with caution! 

Investing in cryptocurrency can be risky

Many people view investing in cryptocurrency as a way to make a quick profit. We encourage you to research carefully before deciding whether or not to invest your money. While there may be some profitable investments in cryptocurrency, it is generally not considered to be a safe or stable place to invest your money for these reasons: 

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile

This makes it difficult to predict what your return on investment will be, and makes it more likely that you will lose money.

There is no government regulation

Because of this, the cryptocurrency market is more susceptible to fraud and manipulation.

Security is an issue

Many exchanges and wallets that store cryptocurrencies are not well-protected against hacking, which means that your funds could be stolen or lost.

What have you been searching for?


GoldHorn Venture is a strategy with hand-picked asset allocation that have the potential for a high rate of return in a short period of time.


GoldHorn DeFi strategy includes the 10 most prominent projects in decentralized finance, reshaping the financial world.

NFT Protocols

GoldHorn NFT Protocols is a passive crypto strategy. It includes the 10 most prominent projects in NTF and Blockchain technology initiatives.


GoldHorn Dynamic is a passive crypto strategy that’s built with top 25 equally weighted cryptocurrencies based on highest market capitalization and trading volume.


The GoldHorn Moderate is a medium risk strategy that consists of 25 hand-picked coins and is perfect for diversifying your portfolio.


Invest in 90% of all cryptocurrencies with this medium-risk strategy.